United States vs. Tecum – Introduction of the T-Visa

Ashcroft on New Visa for Victims of Human Trafficking
(Announcement made at trafficking press conference)  

U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft has announced the implementation of a special visa designed for victims of trafficking in persons who cooperate with law enforcement against those responsible for their enslavement.   Continue reading

Miami, Florida, Schoolteacher and Ex-Husband Sentenced for Human Trafficking and Smuggling Charges

May 20, 2008 | WASHINGTON – A former Miami-area middle school teacher, Maude Paulin, and her ex-husband, Saintfort Paulin, were sentenced today in federal court for committing federal civil rights offenses when they forced a young Haitian teenager to work as a domestic servant in their home, announced Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division Grace Chung Becker and U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida R. Alexander Acosta. Continue reading

National Petition to Air MTV Exit Campaign in the United States

Targeting: Judy McGrath (Chairman & CEO – MTV Networks)
MTV has identified that the fight against Human Trafficking is about freedom. To combat human trafficking, MTV created the MTV Exit Campaign which has several great Public Service Announcements and Special Series they air in other countries but not in the United States. Instead, in the United States, they air many shows that promote the “Pimpology” of America. They advertise products made by slave labor. We call on MTV to help stop human trafficking in America as well. How can they promote trafficking in our country when they fight against it in others?  Continue reading

Possible Link Between Sex Trafficking and the Pornography Industry

Enslaved in Chains

Targeting: Eric H. Holder, Jr (Attorney General/Department of Justice) and Robert S. Mueller (Director/Federal Bureau of Investigations)

We, at FCAHT, want to bring awareness to potential human sex trafficking victims inside the pornography industry. Due to evidence uncovered during research and investigations, we have found indicators that teen girls and women are being recruited into the pornography industry with fraudulent promises of legitimate work. These recruiters state that performers can easily make exaggerated amounts of money per month working with well known magazines and television/cable networks. Once these victims are recruited and arrive at the trafficking destination, there is evidence they are being held there by means of debt bondage, physical force and psychological coercion.

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World Cup Contractor Engaged in Foul Play?

by Tim Newman March 10, 2010 03:27 PM (PT)

A controversy is brewing over the production of figurines of the World Cup mascot, Zakumi. Reports surfaced in January that the factory in China contracted by Global Brands Group, the company that holds the license from FIFA to produce the toys, was violating worker rights including paying low wages, forcing employees to work 13-hour shifts, and employing teenagers.

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What is Human Trafficking?

Human Trafficking involves the commercial exchange and exploitation of humans including forced prostitution and pornography, involuntary labor, servitude and debt bondage. Human trafficking is a growing problem worldwide, recently rising to the second most common criminal activity behind the illegal drug trade. Florida has been identified as a hub for human trafficking activity, citing one of the highest incidences of human trafficking in the country. This crime affects all types of individuals, both foreign and domestic. Continue reading

Pinellas County Human Trafficking Trial Begins

Attorney Bryant Camareno with Alledged Sex Trafficker Colin Dyer

Attorney Bryant Camareno with Alledged Sex Trafficker Colin Dyer


By HOWARD ALTMAN | The Tampa Tribune – Updated: 06/08/2010 07:21 pm        

CLEARWATER – A down-on-her-luck exotic dancer, she thought she was heading toward a better life when the men came and picked her up, took her to a job interview at the Vegas Show Girls strip club in Pinellas County, then Apt. 219 on 49th Street in St. Petersburg – her new home.  Continue reading

Man Charged With Trafficking DC Girl, 12

Derwin Smith - Alledged Sex Trafficker
Derwin Smith – Alledged Sex Trafficker

 Updated 06/09/10 5:09 pm   posted by: Markham Evans     


LAUREL, Md. – Investigators say they have rescued a 12-year-old D.C. girl who had been held against her will, sexually assaulted and forced to prostitute herself. The girl, who had been reported missing May 25 in D.C., was found in a Laurel motel room on Monday, June 7, by members of the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force.  Continue reading