MTV Hyper-Sexualizes Kids with New Show, Pushing the Soft-Core Envelope

by Sarah Parker June 14, 2010 06:18 AM (PT) Topics: Child Trafficking 

RJ Berger has a gigantic penis. He’s also the main character of MTV’s newest scripted comedy, “The Hard Times of RJ Berger.” Did you snicker at that a little? It’s okay. I did too. Then I learned he’s a sophomore in high school.This new half-hour comedy premiered on MTV June 6th and takes place in a “typical American high school” where the boys are obsessed with sex, the girls are obsessed with sex, their parents are obsessed with sex, the entire school has seen RJ’s member, expresses envy of it or desire for it in various hi-larious ways, and adult women want some sexy time with the well-endowed minor too. Continue reading

Federal Complaint: Filipino Teachers Held in ‘Servitude’

Posted 10/27/2009 7:41 PM
By Greg Toppo and Icess Fernandez, USA TODAY 

BATON ROUGE — It has been more than two years since Ingrid Cruz aced a middle-of-the-night video interview in Manila, borrowed $10,000 from her parents and flew halfway around the world to take a job here teaching middle school science.

She was seeking that most American of dreams: a new life, and opportunities she couldn’t approach back home. But along the way, Cruz says she has endured intimidation, humiliation, extortion and a long, painful separation from her young daughters. Continue reading

Tale of South Florida Teenage Sex Trade Jolting


Only one story, amid an orgy of overwrought media coverage during South Florida’s Super Bowl week, stopped me cold.

Other reports cataloged the influx of celebrities and high rollers; the effect so many big spenders had on stores, restaurants, luxury hotels; the lucre NFL bacchants injected into the local economy. Continue reading