A New FCAHT Monthly Event Begins in July

Announcing a fun and delicious fundraising event that will begin the first week of July from the 5th through the 9th. This event will repeat each month with the first full week (M-F) of each month to be named “FCAHT Jamba Juice Week”.     

The first full week of each month (M-F), take your $4 to Jamba Juice, order a 16 oz. drink in one of the delicious flavors specially made for our FCAHT donors and $1 of your purchase will go directly to help FCAHT trafficking victims. Please print and take a flyer with  you when enjoying your Jamba Juice. What a great way to give to someone else while giving yourself a refreshing and fruity drink!     

A huge thanks goes out to Jamba Juice for their wonderful work in helping FCAHT help the victims of Human Trafficking in Florida!   


Jamba Juice Fundraiser

Jamba Juice Fundraiser


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