Prayer for the Refugee

I wanted to thank Rise Against for making this song and video. The video depicts how many of the products that we consume here in the U.S are made by slaves in third world countries, including children. In order to fight this we need to change our buy habits. We need to buy FAIR TRADE products!

One thought on “Prayer for the Refugee

  1. Although I was unable to understand a single word said in the video I most certainly got the message.
    Fair Trade is definitely one way to combat human trafficking but another highly effective tool would be to give tax incentives to American manufacturers to aid in lowering costs for manufacture in this country. This would help to offset the costs of the higher wages demanded by the labor unions which is a main reason for American companies going overseas for reduced labor costs, albeit slave labor.
    By implementing a tax onto those companies who manufacture overseas as well as though who purchase from companies that use forced labor you would see a dramatic change in the number of HT victims.
    If we help our own companies here in the States we will help to lower the demand for slave labor, put an American back to work and help our economy.
    This translates to a stronger America.

    The first step (which should be the last as well) is to get the American public to admit to the magnitude of this heinous act caused by , in part, the fact that we fuel this crime simply because we have become one of, if not, the largest consumer nation on the planet. By manufacturing our own goods to consume, many millions of people of many nations will benefit by this and we would be helping others by once again making truly well made products that are –


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