Child Protection Compact Act- Call to Action

Child Protection Compact Act (CPCA) — urgently needed legislation that would help eradicate child trafficking in target countries around the world. Now, we’ve reached a critical moment. The CPCA if passed will provide United States assistance for the purpose of eradicating trafficking in children in eligible countries through the implementation of Child Protection Compacts, and for other purposes.

Just this afternoon, the CPCA was approved by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee — after calls from supporters around the country! The CPCA now moves to the Senate floor, and Senators from every state will have the opportunity to vote on the bill. We need your help now more than ever!
Please take just two minutes today to call your Senators and ask them to vote “YES” on the Child Protection Compact Act (S.3184)!
Making the call is easy — just:

1)Find out who your senators are.

2)Use our sample script to make the call:

 “Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [City, State]. I’m calling to ask Senator [NAME] to vote YES to pass the Child Protection Compact Act (S. 3184). This bill would help to eradicate child trafficking, an issue I really care about. Would you please pass my message on to the Senator? Thank you!”

3)Let us know how it went!

Thank you for your partnership in this work. Together, we can give children around the world a voice!

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