Human trafficking: African Girls forced to work in Salons

When you mention women involved in human trafficking, the first thing that comes to a person’s mind is sex trafficking. A majority of Americans believe that women can only be exploited in the sex industry. I have advised members of numerous feminists groups that I have worked with women that were used in forced labor and thought these women were going to faint. Is women used in forced labor that far-fetched? I myself find it hard to believe that most anti trafficking organizations do not believe that women can be involved in forced labor. Human trafficking has many facets, there are many ways for a person to be exploited. Human Trafficking is not just about sex. There are other forms that are ignored such as organ trafficking, domestic servitude, servile marriage and labor trafficking. The article below is a perfect example of how women can be exploited in other ways than just the sex industry. This case involved women that were brought in with visas to work at Hair salons. Yes I said it  HAIR SALONS!**gasp**. I hope people can begin to wake up and understand that human trafficking is everywhere, not just in the sex industry. I am glad to see that the trafficker was sentenced to 27 years. I think it is funny that her defense was that she saved these girls from their  lives back in Africa. I am sorry but this is just ridiculous. Yes many of these victims lived in deplorable conditions but this does not allow for anyone to violate their human rights.

A federal judge has given punishment to Akouavi Afolabi for 27 years for the offense of human trafficking. Afolabi is a West African woman who brought African girls to America using fake visas. These girls were forced to work in Salons without getting any payment. She gave the African girls false assurance, that she would give them proper education which will change their life. By making fake promises she trapped them and brought to U.S. After arriving in US they were not permitted to learn English and were compelled to forced-labor in salons.
Afolabi was under arrest in 2007 with three others on human trafficking offense. She pleaded to the court to forgive her as she lifted the African girls out of poverty and trained them a skill to earn money.
But she failed to impress the judge and received a punishment of twenty seven years. The other people got punishments in the same case include her son and ex- husband. Lassissi Afolabi. His ex- husband has received a verdict of twenty four years imprisonment while her son Derek Hounakey will serve for 55 months in prison.


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