China to Execute Child Traffickers

I know that this article does not relate to any U.S cases. However I still wanted to include this as most of the products that are sold in the U.S are made in China. Please take the time to learn more about child labor trafficking as this is an issue that affects many children all over the world, including the U.S.

China will execute two men convicted of child trafficking. Li Diji is accused of trafficking 23 children and Wu Suiquing 17. The going rate according to China Daily, was equivalent to $4 500. Eleven others were on trial at the same time for child trafficking. In this case, children were abducted from Sichuan Province and sold in Fujian.
China is taking a serious approach to what is becoming an increasing problem. They have adopted the UN supplementary protocols to coordinate cross border efforts. The incidence of child abduction has increased in China year over year by 45%. Between 30 000 and 60 000 children are reported missing in China every year so even a small increase is very worrisome.
Various Reasons for Human Trafficking
When we think of human trafficking many of us first think of children and women who are sold as sex slaves, but boys and men are trafficked as well. The International Labor Organization estimates that worldwide about 12 million people are trafficked. The majority are enslaved or indentured for cheap labor, whether it is to make cheap goods, household servants, or construction workers.

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