In the market for a new rug?

Since this is Fair Trade month I wanted to point out different companies that are Fair Trade Certified. Most people may not fully know the history of the beautiful rugs that can be found in numerous homes and offices come from. Unfortunately the majority of the rugs sold here in the U.S were made by children in other countries. The rug industry has one of the highest child labor rates in the world. More than 250,000 children in South Asia between the ages of 4 and 14 are forced to trade their childhoods and their futures for endless hours of hard labor on carpet looms. Many are kidnapped or trafficked. These children are caught in a form of modern-day slavery, unable to break free without help.

I have found a company called Good Weave. This company basically helps raise awareness on this issue by educating people and by partnering up with companies that sell Fair trade rugs.

Please visit this website for more information:


2 thoughts on “In the market for a new rug?

  1. Happy Fair Trade Month! Thank you for shedding light on this important issue and our work at GoodWeave. We not only have an awareness campaign, we also rescue and educate former child weavers, and monitor and inspect factories where GoodWeave labeled rugs are produced. At present there are 75 different GoodWeave certified rug brands available in the US and Canada. To check out some of the rug companies we work with and view their beautiful child-labor-free designs, visit


    • Thank you for commenting on the FCAHT Blog and providing us more information on the wonderful work that you are all doing. It is great to see other organizations that are doing something to fight child labor trafficking as most organizations only focus on children exploited in the sex industry. As you can see we are trying to get people on board to help rescue all children being exploited. Thank you again for what you are doing and FCAHT will continue to promote your organization.


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