23 arrested in human smuggling bust in NYC

This particular article is interesting. This is not exactly a “human trafficking” case. This is a bad smuggling case that had the potential of becoming a human trafficking case. As noted in the article, the 70 men brought into NY all owed a debt. The men were brought in to work in Chinese restaurants. This type of scenario happens all the time throughout the entire U.S. Many of the people who work in your favorite Chinese restaurants¬†may actually be victims of human trafficking. In the state of Florida, there have been numerous restaurants reported for this very same issue.

So the next time you go out to enjoy some fried rice and fortune cookies, look around you. Pay attention to the people who are working in the restaurant. Look at their body language. If something just doesn’t seem right, than it probably isn’t. Listen to you gut feeling.

Federal officers on Thursday arrested 23 people suspected of smuggling up to 70 men from China to work in Chinese restaurants in and around New York City.

“We allege that this was a for-profit smuggling scheme,” said Jim Hayes, Immigration and Custom Enforcement special agent in charge of the investigation.

He told CNN that the men were brought into the United States by business owners and illegal recruiters, who would get families to pay a fee of up to $75,000 each.


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