Woman guilty of child prostitution charges

I am noticing that more and more of these types of cases are popping up through out the entire country. This is excellent as it seems as thought more law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and judges are understanding that children who are being prostituted out by adults should be seen as victims and not criminals! Let’s keep it up folks as it seems as though people are starting to listen up! Great job!!

DANVERS — A woman living in a taxpayer-subsidized motel room in Danvers has been sentenced to two years in prison for trying to turn a 13-year-old girl into a prostitute.

The Salem News reports that Maria Trinidad was sentenced after pleading guilty in Salem Superior Court on Wednesday to attempting to induce a child into prostitution and attempting to derive support from child prostitution.

Trinidad’s 18-year-old son pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to induce a child into prostitution and was sentenced to six months.

Prosecutors agreed to the plea deal with defense lawyers to spare the girl going through a trial.

Authorities say in June 2009 Trinidad offered the runaway girl to a group of men in the motel. The men got their girlfriends, who took the girl to her brother’s home.


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