Female Pimps- Myth or Fact?

Most people who speak about the issue of sex trafficking and pimps will mostly focus on the men who force girls/women into the sex industry. However, people need to understand that men are not the only ones who can force a person into the sex industry. There are numerous cases in where woman are the ones who are acting as recruiters, madame or pimps. In regards to the issue of human trafficking, women can be victims and they can also be the victimizers. Let’s not forget that.
Although the majority of the people exploited in the sex industry are girls/women, we need to understand that boys/men can also be exploited in the sex industry. Now one question I have heard is how many boys/men are exploited in the sex industry. To be honest with you, I really don’t think anyone can truly answer this question. In our society we make it very hard for men to report certain crimes, such as domestic violence and sexual exploitation.

As I have mentioned before, human trafficking is not a woman’s issue. This is a human rights issue. Girls, boys, woman and men can be enslaved and exploited. And understand that woman are not just exploited in the sex industry. Labor trafficking, domestic servitude/servile marriage and organ trafficking can all be areas in where woman can be exploited as well.

Woman staying in Danvers pleads guilty to inducing child into prostitution

Danvers — A 34-year-old woman who was staying in a Danvers motel pleaded guilty to inducing a 13-year-old into prostitution in Salem Superior Court on Wednesday, Oct. 13, according to the Essex County District Attorney’s office.

Marian Trinidad, who was staying in a Danvers motel, pleaded guilty to two counts of attempting to commit a crime, deriving support from child prostitution and inducing a child into prostitution. She was sentenced to two years in prison.

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