Pair accused of pimping girls on Craigslist

Pair accused of pimping girls on Craigslist

DENVER – Two Denver men are accused of running an Internet sex ring and forcing two teenage women into a life of prostitution.

The Colorado Attorney General’s office handed down an indictment against 19-year-old Dallas Cardenas and 23-year-old Ryan Jenkins.

The indictment accuses Cardenas of photographing the two victims, posting the pictures on Craigslist, and arranging meetings with men at hotels and apartments across the metro area earlier this year.

Cardenas is accused of human and child trafficking, in part because the teens were allegedly forced into the sex acts against their will.

“They were connected to Johns and they were pimped out,” said Mike Saccone, spokesman for the Colorado AG’s office. “The Johns would contact the suspects through the Craigslist ads.”

Ryan Jenkins is accused of being the driver for the prostitution ring, as well as possession of Ecstasy at his apartment on 14th street.

Cardenas is behind bars in Jefferson County where he will faces charges of child trafficking, pimping and pandering of a child. Jenkins is still at large.

The Attorney General’s office says the case will be prosecuted by Senior Assistant Attorney General Janet Drake, a member of the Colorado Human Trafficking Task Force

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