Arnotts to avoid child labour chocolate

BISCUIT company Arnotts will source ethical cocoa that has not been processed with the use of child labour for all of its chocolate-based products, World Vision says.

In response to a public campaign by World Vision earlier this year, Arnotts said it was committed to playing its part by sourcing sustainable cocoa that avoids the use of child trafficking and unacceptable forms of child labour by the end of September 2010.

World Vision chief executive Tim Costello said he had met with Arnotts today and was pleased to hear the company had now committed to ensuring its cocoa supply chains were free from child labour.

“Arnotts sources 24 per cent of its cocoa from Ghana in West Africa where there is widespread use of child labour in the cocoa industry,” Mr Costello said.

“World Vision understands that ArnottsĀ has signed an agreement to source its West African cocoa until 2012 through Fairtrades independent certification scheme.

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“We are very pleased with Arnotts’ commitment to source ethical cocoa.”

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