Kudos to the Kansas Attorney General!

Kansas Attorney General Six Pushes Backpage.com for Additional

Attorney General Steve Six pushed Backpage.com for additional restrictions following an announcement by the website that they will suspend certain sections of their adult and personals ads.

Topeka, KS – – “We must continue to shine a light on these dark corners of the internet where girls and young women are being victimized each and every day,” said Attorney General Six. “Today’s announcement by Backpage.com is a welcome step but is only the beginning in cracking down on predators who are thriving online.”

Last week, Attorney General Six demonstrated the ease by which traffickers of children can attract business online when he announced a pair of arrests tied to an ad placed on Backpage.com. In each case, individuals allegedly travelled to meet with what they believed to be a 14 year old girl with the intention of having sex. These charges are only allegations and the individuals are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

In its announcement today, Backpage.com immediately suspends certain areas of its personals and adult sections of the site while it continues to develop technologies, features and programs specifically tailored to prevent the misuse of the site and its services. Backpage also calls for the creation of a multi-stakeholder national task force to create best practices in the online classifieds industry to help stop the ability to advertise illegally.

“As Attorneys General, we are committed to attacking the crimes of human trafficking and prostitution before they happen, not waiting while more and more girls and young women are victimized,” said Attorney General Six, referring to the multi-state group of AGs who have called on sites like Craigslist and Backpage.com to take down its adult ads. “If you are engaging in child prostitution or child pornography online, we are going to find you and we will take you down.

“Only through strict review can these ads be targeted. I am encouraged by today’s announcement but I will continue to push for further restrictions and safeguards being put into place soon.”

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