Council Approves Human Trafficking Ordinance

This is an excellent approach being taken by the City of Portland. Too many pimps continue to do this because there is no risk to them at all. However, if you start seeing pimps actually go to jail for this and have their assets seized, than you may actually grab a pimps attention. If we aren’t hurting their pockets and holding them responsible for the crime they committed than what makes you think they will stop. Protesting and holding meetings will not deter the pimps from prostituting our youth. These type of ordinances will help though. This will take some time but if our law enforcement and city officials would unite and create tougher laws or ordinances, than you may actually make a difference in this fight against human trafficking. For too long, the only ones who were going through the criminal justice system were the victims themselves.

Council Approves Human Trafficking Ordinance Pimps’ Cash To Help Trafficking Victims

POSTED: 10:10 pm PDT October 27, 2010
, Ore. — Portland’s City Council has approved an ordinance that will use items seized from pimps and johns to help the victims of sex trafficking.

Under the ordinance, items seized in prostitution crimes, including cell phones, cars, computers and cash, will go toward funds for victims. Most of the money will fund shelter and victim services, but 25 percent will be used for trafficking-related law enforcement.

City Commissioner Dan Saltzman says taking cash from pimps and johns will “cripple their operations by taking the tools they use to exploit children and women.”


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