Attention all Muggles

This is excellent news for Fair Trade USA. It is wonderful to see a popular franchise such as the Harry Potter saga take a stand against the cocoa industry. Many of us do not realize how much abuse and exploitation takes place in the cocoa fields. Most of the people being exploited in the cocoa fields unfortunately are children. Most Americans do not take time to look into how their chocolate is made. All they think about is how yummy their treat is. I honestly believe that if we all took the time to learn more about the abuse that occurs in the cocoa fields, many people would be so disgusted that they probably would not want to eat another piece of chocolate. Fair Trade chocolate is guilt free chocolate. It is guaranteed that the people who picked the cocoa beans to make that chocolate were not slaves and were treated and paid fairly. This is an important movement and it does not take that much effort for us to make a difference.

Please take the time and support Fair Trade USA and The Harry Potter Alliance. This is an excellent way to get involved in the fight against human trafficking. And remember to buy fair trade chocolate. This is the only way we can ensure that this type of exploitation and human rights violation will end.

Fair Trade USA Announces Muggle-Wizard Alliance
27 November 2010

Despite all of the strides that Fair Trade USA has made this year to bring the benefits of Fair Trade to millions of farming families in developing nations around the world, there is an obstacle that could be seen as a limiting factor in our mission to reduce global poverty: plain and simple, we are mere muggles (people with no magical abilities). Thankfully, with the release of the 7th installment of the Harry Potter Series, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (part 1), it has come to our attention that the wizarding world is on our side!

Andrew Slack, creator of the Harry Potter Alliance, which “takes a creative approach to activism by mobilizing thousands of kids to spread love and fight for justice in the spirit of the Harry Potter novels”, has announced his group’s desire to partner with Time Warner and NBC Universal to make all Harry Potter chocolate Fair Trade Certified. The Harry Potter Alliance has also signed a petition to further this noble goal. The petition reminds loyal fans that, “When Hermione Granger discovers that the food at Hogwarts, chocolate included, is being made by house elves-essentially unpaid, indentured servants-she immediately starts a campaign to replace exploitation with fairness.”

Help Fight the Starvation Wages Horcrux
Sign the petition now to show your support for Fair Trade chocolate. We are uniting as Harry Potter fans to ask Time Warner to stay true to the spirit of Harry Potter! And we need your help to spread the word to Harry Potter fans!

Sign the petition and help your house with the House Cup! You have until December 31st, 2010 to sign!
your support for Fair Trade Chocolate!
Send your own letter, in your own words, to Time Warner!
Shine a light on the need for Fair Trade at the movie release on November 19th!
And the wizarding community’s support for Fair Trade doesn’t stop there. Star Emma Watson recently visited factories in Bangladesh with Fair Trade clothing company People Tree to see how Fair Trade practices can improve the lives of poor families. In addition to her work with People Tree, Watson has also teamed up with Italian designer Alberta Ferretti to create another line of Fair Trade apparel. The actress has challenged the fashion world, saying that she “will work for anyone for free if they are prepared to make their clothing Fair Trade organic.”

This passionate support for Fair Trade from Harry Potter fans and actors alike demonstrates the public’s expanding desire for Fair Trade products and the ease in which individuals can make a difference by standing up for Fair Trade. Historically, muggle-wizard relations have always been strained, but we are glad to announce that, regarding the cause of Fair Trade, these two groups have found something they can agree on.

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