Female Pimps? Myth or Reality?

Here is another case in where the perpetrator was a woman. As I have mentioned before, traffickers can be anyone.

Latasha McFarland sentenced for child sex trafficking in St Louis County Court December 02, 2010 06:55 AM EST

A St Louis County Mom was sentenced yesterday to five years in Federal custody after a plea agreement on charges that she sold another woman’s daughter as a sex slave on the Internet. Latasha McFarland was said to have sobbed when the sentence was read. Her mother, who had accompanied her daughter to court, ran out of the courtroom hyperventilating

While our sobbing suspect, or should we now say crying convict was sentenced to five years in federal prison, she could have been given a longer sentence. However, in her plea agreement with prosecutors, the charge of trafficking a minor was dropped.

Sympathizers for Latasha McFarland are worried for her daughter. Of course the world worries about the fate of her own young daughter. Who wouldn’t, after all? Her kid did nothing wrong in all of this, as is usually the case. So, let’s all hope she goes into good hands, perhaps family, while Mom is busy making big rocks into little rocks for the next five years.

Even the family of Latasha McFarland’s victim expressed sympathy for her.

It appears that in light of the total situation, even the family of her victim claims to feel bad for her five year prison sentence. Most of us won’t, though. Her underage victim is still in treatment for the emotional and physical abuse of being sold as a sex slave, and even had to resort to going to Chicago, to get the treatment she needs. Now, let’s see the prosecuting attorney go after the customers of Latasha McFarland.


3 thoughts on “Female Pimps? Myth or Reality?

  1. That little girl was selling her body long before Tasha ever came into her life. She had run away in July of 2009 and Tasha hadn’t even met her until November. What the hell was the little tramp doing in between that time??

    I am a firm believer in hearing both sides to every story and thats just what I did in this case. I met Tasha the day she was sentenced and I spent the next two weeks with her, from the time she woke up until the time she went to bed. I have to admit that I judged her at first, since I had only heard the story that was plastered all over the news and the papers and the net. After getting to know Tasha, I can truly say that I have never met anyone in my life more deserving of a second chance. This woman was kind and gentle, she would give you the shirt off her back if you needed it. She had a very strong and uplifting relationship with God, a relationship that I only wish I had. She was beautiful and smart and funny and kind.

    After spending that time with Tasha, I went and met the young girl and her family. If I could use one word to describe these money-hungry scumbags, trash would be an understatement. The girl is back on the streets of St. Louis, selling her soul once more. Her mother told me that her daughter had been delving into prostitution since she was 11 or 12. In the month and a half that I spent with this family, the girl came home three times and slept for two days straight each time. Probably coming down off the drugs. While the girl is still a minor, her mother allowed her to come and go as she pleased. Her mother bought the young girl liquor, smoked marajuwana with her and also, what I believe, was crack with the young girl. I also found out that the girl did not HAVE to go to Chicago for treatment, she chose to go there because she heard she could make more money selling her body there than she could here in St. Louis. I would also like to add that this young girl was living with and in a relationship with a 32 year old man when Tasha met her.

    I believe that the wrong person was prosecuted here. The little Slut’s parents should have been arrested for not being parents and taking care of their kid. I feel that the most Tasha did wrong here was sell her own body, which in the city of St. Louis, that crime carries a FINE!!

    I pray everyday for Tasha’s beautiful little girl. I pray for Tasha. I pray for the little lying Slut that went after the only woman that has ever been there for her in her life, all in the name of money. And I pray for all of you that are ignorant and niiave and who fear to find out the truth about this tragic story. I hope you sleep well at night.

    God Bless


    • Thank you for your comment. However, we do not tolerate the type of language that you used towards the young women that involved in this situation. You are correct, there are definitely two sides of the story and right now we only have one side. We will see what happens during the trial. In regards to this young woman going back to the streets is common with any teenager who is used in the commercial sex industry. Unfortunately in the US, there are very few programs that can help assist these children in not going back to the streets and turning tricks. This is the reality of domestic minor sex trafficking.

      What is funny is hear you are praying for everyone, which makes me believe that you are a Christian woman. It is sad to see how quick you are to cast judgement on everyone involved with this situation. As far as myself, I sleep very well at night because I am aware of the issue of domestic minor sex trafficking and understand it completely. If you look at our federal laws, it clearly states that any person under the age of 18 engaged in a commercial sex act is a victim of sex trafficking. Consent it irrevalent! So please if you want to cast judgement and spread your ignorance on the issue of human trafficking, please do it elsewhere.

      Thank you


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