12 days of Fair Trade

Thank you to Fair Trade USA for this information. For the holidays, buy Fair Trade Products! Here are some suggestions that Fair Trade USA has made.

Sing along: One the first day of Christmas, my Fair Trade fanatic gave to me…

Twelve Pounds of Coffee
Yes, your true love will definitely require twelve pounds of Fair Trade Certified coffee (one pound per month). So why not make them all different? You can choose from Green Mountain Coffee’s Fair Trade Organic Coffee Sampler, BuyWell Fair Trade Coffee’s signature Screaming Monkey Blend (Check out BuyWell’s Coffee Gift Guide for more ideas), Tony’s Holiday Blend Gift Pack, Thanksgiving Coffee’s “Delicious Peace” Dark Roast, Alterra Coffee Roaster’s Peacemaker Espresso, Caffe Ibis’ Organic Cafe Femenino, Pura Vida Coffee’s Cafe Kilimanjaro, Peace Coffee’s Blendo Suave, Burlap & Bean’s Peppermint, Weaver’s Coffee and Tea’s Eco Tote and Coffee Gift Set or Starbucks Cafe Estima Blend. The list really does go on and on…

You could also sign your loved one up for the Grounds for Change Coffee of the Month Club – sure to impress!


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