12 Days of Freedom!

As you may know, the month of January is now Slavery and Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Today is National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. To help commemorate this day, the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking is Kicking of the 12 Days of Freedom! For the next 12 Days, follow the task suggested by FCAHT and help spread awareness on the issue of human trafficking. It’s just that simple. Our hope is that we will all be able to start a chain reaction and hopefully reach people who have no idea what human trafficking is.

12 days of Freedom


  1. Let’s start a chain reaction! Tell one person about the issue of human trafficking and how it affects us in the U.S. Encourage that one person to tell another person about human trafficking. Encourage that person to tell someone else. Let’s try to educate as many people on this global issue as possible!
  2. Change your profile picture on your Facebook or Myspace page to this icon. (Please visit our facebook page for picture. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Florida-Coalition-Against-Human-Trafficking/177746596520)
  3. Attend an anti-trafficking awareness event. Learn more about the issue of human trafficking. Encourage others to attend as well.
  4. Encourage a friend to buy a Fair Trade Product. Please visit FairTradeUSA.org for a list of Fair Trade Products.
  5. Get involved! Volunteer with a local anti-trafficking organization.
  6. Write a blog or letter to the editor regarding the issue of human trafficking. Education is the key to fighting human trafficking!
  7. Wear Green as a symbol of hope! Encourage others to do the same!
  8. Encourage your local library to carry more books on the issue of human trafficking.
  9. Go to Change.org. Visit the Human Trafficking section and sign one of the various petitions on the issue of human trafficking
  10. Call or write your state representative and let them know that you support the issue of human trafficking and want to see more laws passed that will better help victims of human trafficking.  
  11. Donate $5 to an anti trafficking organization. Encourage your friends to donate to your favorite organization as well
  12. Shine a light on Human Trafficking awareness! Drive with your headlights on, leave your front porch light on and light a candle! Let’s show our community that we are modern-day abolitionists!





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