Day 1

1.  Let’s start a chain reaction! Tell one person about the issue of human trafficking and how it affects us in the U.S. Encourage that one person to tell another person about human trafficking. Encourage that person to tell someone else. Let’s try to educate as many people on this global issue as possible!

SO the first task of the 12 Days of Freedom campaign is to tell someone about the issue of human trafficking. Here are some talking point that can be used.

  • Human trafficking is modern-day slavery.
  • There are several types of human trafficking: Labor trafficking, sex trafficking, domestic servitude, illegal adoptions and organ trafficking
  • There 2. 5 million victims estimated to be in the U.S
  • 18, 000 – 20, 000 new victims are estimated to be brought to the U.S every year
  • It is estimated that 100,000 U.S children are lured and forced into the sex industry every year
  • Human Trafficking does not discriminate. U.S have been found to be victims of human trafficking

Here are just a couple of statistics you can share with your friends.

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