How Facebook is used for Human Trafficking in Indonesia

This is an interesting article and very well written. However one thing that we at FCAHT want to point out is that this is something that just happens in Indonesia. This is an issue that we are also dealing with here in the U.S. It is known that recrutiment is also taking place on Facebook, Myspace, Hi Five and many other social network websites that are children frequent. This is an issue that is affecting the world.

We are FCAHT urge you all as parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or mentors to take the time and educate our children on the issue of no just human trafficking but other crimes that often involve children. Too many of our children trust what they see or who they meet via internet. Too much personal information is accessible to traffickers, pimps and pedophiles. We need to make sure that our children stay safe and learn not to trust any person they meet online.

 Facebook can be used for social causes, connecting with friends or even market a product virally. But in Indonesia, Facebook is used as a channel for human trafficking.

Chief of Crime and Investigation, Toni Surya Saputra, said that based on the suspect’s confession, all victims are put to the market through Facebook.

Besides having a large group of Indonesian on Facebook, the social network also has applications like Photos to ease the trafficking procedures.

The client looks through the photos and contacts the “agent” once he decides to buy one of the girls. Even though we believe the group was created only for private members, the choice of using Facebook still shock us.

Indonesia is a huge social media nation. It houses over 33 million Facebook users and is the second largest Facebook nation, only falling behind the U.S. Interestingly, there are only about 40 million Internet users in Indonesia. In other words, 75 percent of the entire Internet Indonesian population are on Facebook. The social-networking site has become one of the most important online tools for marketers in Indonesia. Although using a platform as open as Facebook for trafficking is suicidal, the culprit confessed that this activity has been ongoing for two years.

“We’re still fighting the human trafficking in Indonesia. Our country has one of the highest human trafficking issues in Asia,” said Andi Primaretha, an Indonesian based in Jakarta.

On the contrary, there are groups formed on Facebook to fight Indonesia’s human trafficking problem. A Facebook group titled “Stop Human Trafficking Di Indonesia” has over 700 likes. As Facebook becomes more popular in Indonesia, it places stress on the police to monitor and trace down any vice activities conducted on the social network. Users could also report the issue directly to Facebook. A ‘report page’ option can be found at the bottom left of the site.


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