“Colors of the Word Fashion Show” brought Fashion for a cause to Tampa

Thank yoou all for attending the Fashion Show that took place this past Saturday! The event was a success!


Farrah Estrella's photo

, Tampa Fashion Examiner

July 16, 2011 – Like this? Subscribe to get instant updates.

The First Annual “Colors of the World Fashion Show” celebrated this past Saturday July 16th, 2011 here in Tampa, was a complete success. The show was co-produced by the Youth for Human Rights of Florida and The Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking. The two entities worked together to create awareness about the horrific problem that is Human Trafficking and Child labor.

Singer John Gold opened the show with a soft rock sound followed by Venezuelan born Jessie Laros with a blend of Pop music and acoustic guitar. Jessie also wrote the theme song for the event.

The first models that were on the red carpet were adorable children modeling some beautiful handmade dresses and hats. The models also wore signs saying “No child labor” on them. The children were followed by the male models that walked the red carpet with tons of attitude, rocking man bags and handmade scarves provoking applause and cheers from the audience.

The female models closed the show wearing Jewelry that was handmade in Ecuador and Eco-friendly Handbags and accessories made in Brazil from aluminum pull taps. Some of the accessories were also made out of recycle newspaper. All of the items modeled on the show were supported by the fair trade. Fair trade allows growers and manufactures of goods in developing countries to received adequate payment for their products. Throughout the show several videos were shown about how the goods are made

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