This is disgusting.

Recently on Toddler’s and Tiara’s a 3-year-old girlwas dressed up like Julia Roberts from “Pretty Woman”.  At first when I heard about this, I couldn’t believe it. There was no way a mother could dress her daughter like a prostitute. I went ahead and researched it and lo and behold I found pictures and videos on this 3-year-old girl. My mouth literally fell to the ground. I could not believe that I was really seeing this.

One thing that has also baffled me is how groups such as the Parents Television Council has not made a fuss over this. This image of the 3-year-old girl was broadcasted all over national tv and yet no one has stood up and made a statement against this.

Please feel free to view this link and let us know what your thoughts are. Is is ok for a 3-year-old girl to be dressed up like Julia Robert’s “Pretty Woman” character or is this highly inappropriate.

Let us know!