Lost Boys: New child-sex-trafficking research demolishes the stereotype of the underage sex worker

This article that was recently featured in the Miami Times has caused quite a commotion with agencies that focus on domestic minor sex trafficking. Many of these agencies are questioning the manner in which the research was conducted. A majority of these agencies are angry due to the results of this research. I have heard many people defend their program and point out the numerous girls that they have assisted. However one thing that many of these agencies have failed to realize is that this article does not say that “underage girls are not forced into prostitution”. It is simply stating that they also found boys involved in this. The number the research states is that 45% of the kids that were interviewed were males. If this is true this shows that the numbers of boys being victimized is almost as much as the number of girls. This study also talks about the difference between girls who are forced versus girls who are doing this in order to be able to provide for their needs. This is an interesting study and it is one that should be looked into. What if these numbers are accurate? What if they are not? At this time no one has any accurate number on how many children are victimized and forced into the commercial sex industry. This is something that has caused great debate among Anti Trafficking Organizations and the media. This is an issue that although has been happening for several years has recently been looked into.

So here is the study. Let’s us know what you think.



2 thoughts on “Lost Boys: New child-sex-trafficking research demolishes the stereotype of the underage sex worker

  1. Having read the article and finding common ground on many of the topics regarding the children’s needs, I cannot agree with the low numbers. This is purely based on the numbers of victims currently housed at shelters that I have knowledge of. There are many variables unaddressed in this study which are vital in producing a true snapshot of the problem of child exploitation in our country.
    (Noteworthy is the fact that the Village Voice Media owns the publication which published this article and also owns the classified site Backpage.com.)


  2. Children don’t do things on their own. There is a push that forces them to act. Now knowing that about ninety percent of child prostitutes are self driving tell a lot about our social welfare system. We need to organize how our tax money is spend and put it to work on the right programs. I don’t know everything about what is going on, but children should never have to sell themselves to have their daily necessities. Someone with high powers needs to step in a make a real difference in our children’s in America… At least to start off in a world-wide program dedicated to children that are involved in any form of prostitution.


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