New Year, Right Attitude

Hello Digital World,

We have entered 2012. We are seeing the parking lots of the locals gyms filling up and people attempting to refrain from smoking that cigarette after dinner. Do they ever last more than 2 weeks? By the time Valentines day rolls around, people are filling their mouths with the chocolate they have been neglecting, while the smokers need to have “just that one drag” because of all the stress that has been piling up.  Whatever your resolution is for the new year I wish you well…but also want to make a suggestion while your motivation to change for the better this year is still fresh in your minds.

Why not give back. Yes, it is that simple. Give back. That does not mean just writing out a check and walking away from it (although, monetary gifts to organizations that help others is always a great thing to do).  It is about getting INVOLVED. It means doing something above and beyond yourself. We all have a skill and talent that we can use to better the world around us. THIS is where we come in…

FCAHT is going to be having a stellar year folks and we would love for you to get involved! We have some really fun events in store for everyone like our Golf Outing, Cook off,  Zumba-thon, Yoga events, and MORE! Also, stay tuned to our blogs as we will be continuing to keep you updated on the issue of human trafficking.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email Jacqui at We will be having an information meeting for all volunteers at the end of January, so don’t miss out! Help us raise awareness and put an end to human trafficking!