FCAHT changes lives!

Last year FCAHT State Outreach Coordinator was invited to speak at a Sex Trafficking Conference in Nashville Tn. As always, our outreach coordinator works hard to be different. One of the things that she did not want to do was to come in a spew the same information that other speakers were likely to present. So it was decided that the coordinator would speak on the issue of the John’s and Pimps. Little did our coordinator know that in the audience were 3 young men who were brought by their grandmother in hopes to learn more about the issue of pimps. See these 3 young men were being groomed to become pimps themselves. They saw nothing wrong with this lifestyle. Their grandmother was desperate to find a way to convince them that this was not the way. During the presentation, FCAHT State Coordinator spoke out on the pimp culture and how they manipulate many young girls into the commercial sex industry.

A year later, our State Outreach Coordinator is once again invited to speak at this same conference. It was requested that she not only speak out on labor trafficking but it was requested that she also do the same presentation on the Johns and the pimps as she had done the previous year. At the conclusion of the conference, the conference organizers held an awards banquet to honor 6 individuals who have excelled in the field of the human trafficking movement. During the course of the night, a woman is introduced as the presenter of the next award of the night, which was the Progress Award. The woman begins to speak on how before last year she did not know anything about human trafficking and how a friend of her’s invited her to this event. When she looked at the agenda there was one particular presentation that caught her eye so she decided to go. The woman began to describe how she had always felt that woman in the sex industry “wanted to be there” and that they enjoyed what they did until she had heard this speakers presentation. She said that this particular presentation changed not only her life but her 3 grandbabies. The presentation she spoke of was the very one that FCAHT State Outreach coordinator did last year in where she spoke about pimps and what they truly do. It was than that our outreach coordinator was presented with the NGO Progress Award.

After the event was over, our coordinator had a chance to meet with this woman and hear her story. She stated that her 3 grandsons were present when our coordinator spoke. They were appalled at what they had learned and on that very day, all 3 decided that they would not follow in the footsteps of older men that they had looked up to. That day they decided not to become pimps. Instead these 3 young men are speaking out against pimping and are encouraging other youth do so. This woman advised our coordinator that she had “saved her grandbabies”. This was definitely an overwhelming statement for our coordinator, who had no idea this had even occurred.

What a wonderful story to be able to share. It is wonderful to see how our staff can go out there and change the lives of so many , even the lives of people who were not victims of this horrific crime. This was a touching story and we are very proud of the work that our State Outreach Coordinator has done to help 3 young men from becoming pimps. This is an amazing story.

A big congrats to our State Outreach Coordinator on this and we look forward to more touching stories such as this.

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