The Sixth Day of Freedom

6th Day of Freedom: Write a blog or letter to the editor regarding the issue of human trafficking. Education is the key to fighting human trafficking!

      There are few things more powerful in this day and age than the power of the human voice. Over the past few years, blogs have grown to an incredible level of popularity and thousands of blogs have gained a loyal following. Video blogs, written blogs, both have the power to education millions of people about the horrors of human trafficking. Imagine if so many people were blogging about trafficking that the phrase “human trafficking” started trending on the internet. The only way to end trafficking is to educate the masses about it.
     The human collective is an incredible force. People who live in the United States have have an unimaginable power to speak out in comparison to many places in the rest of the world. Instead of using their right to free speech to bad mouth celebrities, I’d like to see that power be put to good use. Can you imagine what would happen if the majority of the United States population banned together and decided enough is enough? We have the right to hold our government accountable to do more to end slavery in the United States and perhaps that will carry on to the rest of the world. The only way we can hope this will happen is if people know that it’s happening. Americans spend an incredible amount of time on the internet, much of that time on social networking sites, reading/ writing blogs and interacting with others on the internet. What better place to bring to light trafficking’s existence? It doesn’t take a very long time, these posts take me about 20 minutes to write. Nowadays there are so many anti-trafficking organizations with their own blogs, it can be as simple as posting a link to one of those blogs and telling your readers to take a look. Perhaps though, you’re not part of the “blogosphere” and would rather contribute in another way. Newspapers frequently accept “Letters to the Editor” and will even publish well written, well researched articles that are submitted by the general public. Simply sending a newspaper an email saying that you are interested in seeing an article written about trafficking can be enough to get the paper involved and you will now be reaching the readership by just giving the paper a suggestion.
     We can’t expect people to spell if we don’t know the alphabet, just like we can’t expect people to care about ending trafficking if they don’t know it exists.

By: Danae Zimmer

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