The Tenth and Eleventh Day of Freedom

10th Day of Freedom: Call or write your state representative and let them know that you support the issue of human trafficking and want to see more laws passed that will better help victims of human trafficking and the 11th Day of Freedom: Shine a light on Human Trafficking awareness! Drive with your headlights on, leave your front porch light on or light a candle! Let’s show our community that we are modern-day abolitionists!

Trafficking can never be eradicated if it’s not at the forefront of everyone’s mind. This includes, politicians. Governors and senators are the closest the average person can get to the White House. Unfortunately, since the average person doesn’t have the resources or time to dedicate to turn their cause into a law to prevent it. However, it is the job of the representatives of your state to address issues that its citizens are passionate about. Write a letter, or email nowadays, to your state representative to let them know that you will not stand for human trafficking to continue any longer and encourage your friends to do the same. During election years, it is also a good time to write to candidates up for election to let them know what issues you want them to tackle while they’re in office. It never hurts to bring human trafficking to the forefront of  lawmakers’ minds. While we might sometimes feel like we want to run around busting down doors and rescuing those stuck in trafficking, getting put in jail for breaking and entering isn’t going to help rescue victims. The best thing to do is educate, that includes politicians. The creation of harsher laws can only help fight the traffickers and help deter anyone from trafficking.
The other people that you can rally around for support in ending trafficking is your neighbors and community. Bring this issue to city hall and see what your community can do on a local level. Talk with them about organizing a fundraiser to raise awareness and money for an anti-trafficking organization or talk to a local organization about coming to talk to schools in the area. Day 11 is about more than just about shining a literal light on trafficking, you have to bring it to people’s attention as well!