The Missing

Everybody week FCAHT posts photos of missing kids on Facebook. Most of these kids will never be found. Some go missing against their will, meeting unthinkable ends, some simply run away of their own accord. Of the runaways, drugs and other illicit activities often become a way of life. Unfortunately, in a situation like that, prostitution becomes a means to support themselves. Prostitution at any age is illegal, but when it’s a child selling themselves, that’s unimaginable. Not all child prostitutes are trafficking victims, but they’re incredibly easy targets for pimps and traffickers. When people see posters for runways, they don’t always pay much attention. The word runaway implies that a child is belligerent, misbehaving, and a trouble maker. Sometimes this is the case, but many times, they leave for a reason much deeper than rebellion. It’s important to remember that any child who runs away is vulnerable. Home might not be a safe option for them, but the streets are no place for them either. It breaks my heart seeing the vast amount of flyers for missing people, often children, hung at rest stops, Wal-Marts and various other places. Missing kids don’t need to be trafficked to deserve attention and that’s just what FCAHT is trying to bring to light. Next time you see a poster reading “missing” or “endangered runaway”, take a minute to read the poster. Chances are someone has seen the person featured on the poster, it could be you. If you do recognize someone from a missing poster, call 911 or contact The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. Their contract information can be found at

By: Danae Zimmer