Training in Paraguay Day 2

Greetings again from Paraguay! Today we started our second day of trainings on the issue of human trafficking. The topics that will be discussed today are the Declaration of Human Rights, Victim Services, Sex Tourism, Child Pornography and Border Security.
The room is packed today with law enforcement, Immigration officials, prosecutors and Judges! One thing that I learned today is the fact that Paraguay has a different of investigating cases. In the United States, Law enforcement officials are in charge of investigating crimes. In Paraguay, the investigations are not conducted by law enforcement but by the Prosecutors office. Very interesting.
Another difference between the United States and Paraguay can be found within the law that covers the issue of human trafficking. In Paraguay the Human trafficking law includes organ trafficking, illegal adoptions and servile marriage. The United States excludes all of the above.  Now in regards to  prostitution, it is legal in Paraguay. One of the things that I noticed this morning is that the
newspaper has a section called  “We are Girls” in where a person can pay $1.00 for an ad under “chicas modelos”.  The name of the  local newspaper is Diario Popular. Sadly this section includes photos of the women in sexy attire. 
Here is a picture of the training today. The speaker is a Human Rights attorney from Costa Rica. He is currently discussing The Declaration of Human Rights and how it connects to the issue of Human Trafficking.