More on Day 3

So the training delegation has just arrived to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay share borders which is why it is known as the Triple Frontier.

Anything is possible here. People from Brazil, Argentina and even Paraguay come here to buy counterfeit merchandise, drugs, weapons, clothing, adults and children for sexual exploitation as well as labor exploitation.

Tonight I saw children as young as newborn living by the side of the market in torn tents with no water, electricity nor food. Some young kids inhaling paint or glue… and young mothers jut sitting by the sidewalks with their babies waiting for someone to come and rent their kids. How can this be happening. How can people collect money and say they do international work to help children overseas and here I am seeing this scenario first hand. How can we turn our backs away from this and not do anything about it. How can we not stand for the right and protections of these children. I have been working in human trafficking for 15 years and still today I say to you that it is not easy for me to go to other countries and witness exploitation and so many problems against human rights ignoring the protection of children that deserve a chance to live without exploitation and hunger. Here our government keeps giving money away to projects with no accountability and we see more corruption and suffering towards the future of the world.

Tonight I witnessed the dark and ugly side of child exploitation and neglect. My heart is in tears and trying to figure out what can be done to give this children a second chance to a better life…… please God help me and give me strength to continue this fight and guide me to make a difference so one day not one more child suffer from the dark side of life.

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