Strike Slavery! Spare Freedom!

Strike Slavery! Spare Freedom!

Bowl to raise funds for the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking

The event only costs you 10 dollars and this includes the bowling for 2 hours and the shoes needed, just don’t forget your socks. We will also raffle off Tampa Bay Rays Gear at the fundraiser. So come and have fun and bowl with your friends or family for a good cause.

Strike Slavery! Spare Freedom!
Saturday, May 3rd, 3-5pm
5311 E Busch Blvd
Temple Terrace, FL

The Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking (FCAHT) spearheads a holistic approach to combat Human Trafficking:

•Education and Awareness: Paramount to the fight to eradicate Human Trafficking is the need to bring the issue to the forefront of community consciousness. FCAHT conducts numerous outreach campaigns to equip community members with the knowledge to identify Human Trafficking victims and report their suspicions to the appropriate authorities.
•Victim Services: Upon identification of a Human Trafficking victim, FCAHT initiates a continuum of services for the victim. The continuum of care incorporates basic needs such as shelter, food and medical attention and spans to encompass victim advocacy, financial literacy, and job preparation.
•Policy Development: FCAHT is continually involved with lawmakers in an effort to bolster existing laws and further empower Human Trafficking victims.
•Technical Assistance and Training: In an effort to create a cohesive response to identifying and responding to cases of Human Trafficking, FCAHT provides ongoing training to professionals serving within the following capacity: law enforcement, prosecutors, non-governmental organizations, healthcare workers, and faith-based organizations.
•Research Partnerships: FCAHT participates in research projects striving to develop promising practices in the delivery of services to victims of Human Trafficking.

In addition to working within the State of Florida, FCAHT is also extending the use of this comprehensive model to solidify partnerships with Argentina, Guatemala and Puerto Rico.

Training in Paraguay Day 4

Today we have just started the second round of trainings in Ciudad del Este or better known as the Triple Frontier in Paraguay. Pictures are part of the opening ceremony with dignitaries from the different government agencies investigating , persecutors, immigration and victim services in Paraguay.




 Immigrations Director of Alto Parana   Comisario de la Policia del Alto Parana

Immigrations Director of Alto Parana
Comisario de la Policia del Alto Parana


    Secretario de Gobernacion presented Resolution

Secretario de Gobernacion presented Resolution

The event is sponsored by the US State Department, The Organization of American States, Ministerio de la Mujer and the Government of Paraguay.
Since we arrived we have been escorted by members of the National Police for safety issues. We have 3 assigned officers to be with us even at the hotel and traveling with us in the same vehicle. Remember that Human Trafficking is a 34 billion dollar a year industry and we are the enemies because of our anti-trafficking stand. We must always remember that by us reporting every single event and steps we take in this field we are not only jeopardizing our safety but also the safety of the victims.

On a more positive note, this morning the Government of Alto Parana in Ciudad del Este signed a formal Resolution #0275/2014 GAP creating a formal Human Trafficking Task Force will be implemented and coordinated to establish prevention programs in the fight against human trafficking in Ciudad del Este. This is great news!!!!

Another thing that I was pleased to see was that Paraguay has an amazing campaign regarding labor trafficking, both domestically and internationally. One thing that was noted during the conference today is that there has been an increase in labor trafficking. This is not good but it makes sense due to the fact that each and everyone of us is part of the demand for cheap labor, which fuels labor trafficking. On another note, prostitution is legal in Paraguay and sex workers have united and have created their own union as they see and refer themselves as “professional sex workers”. These new organizations want people to understand that not all sex wormers are victims and have not forced, threatened and coerced to work this “profession” as they are saying.

This is what we are now seeing in the US as well as in many other countries around the world.