Last day of training in Paraguay.

Today we are conducting a ” Train the Trainer” session for law enforcement, service providers, prosecutors and other government agencies. The training will also include a section on prevention.
What is interesting as is the same scenerio I am seeing in every country visited throughout the America’s and even Russia is that they are seeing a huge increase in labor trafficking and domestic servitude. In Paraguay they are also seeing cases of organ trafficking and street begging using “rental babies” . This is something that we have not come across in the US but it could be a possiblitity.  Paraguay has been able to identify all forms of trafficking scenarios and have established 12 regional task forces throughout the region to identify, rescue and restore. This groups include representatives from every government agencies, faith-based and service agencies. The collaboration and unity I have seen here is what we are lacking in the US.  We don’t see territorial wars as we see every day in  the US and we lack unity.  
We are leaving Paraguay knowing they are taking charge of the situation and as our law enforcement trainer said ” I leave with more tools to bring back to Florida as I came here to as a trainer and I have learn more as a student.”
For years I have been saying that the only way we can combat this crime is by working together in unity and collaboration. Joining forces with grassroot groups that have been working with human trafficking and have the knowledge and expertise to do so. Wemust stop creating new groups that are just causing confusion and distractions. We must always remember we are working to help victims and not promote personal agendas and egos. This is something I saw in Paraguay and in most countries visited and I hope one day I can see it I  the US.  Paraguay has reinforced my commitment to continue the work I started 15 years ago when I came across my first human trafficking case and the movement that was started to combat this terrible crime.
Remember is all about Identify, Rescue and Restore. Is about unity and collaboration. Its about the victim.
The group attending the training today were selected by government of Paraguay and approved by US Embassy in Paraguay since US is a co-sponsor of the training.

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