My final thoughts on training delegation in Paraguay.

Finally back home and spending time with my family after being away for 10 days in Paraguay and Brazil.
Here we are going to another country, to teach their law enforcement, their prosecutors, and their judges about Human Trafficking investigations and coalition building. In the end, we had witnessed the people of Paraguay’s Human Trafficking initiative, collaboration, and unity in relations to combatting Human Trafficking.
One of the training components that was covered during this trip was How to Investigate a Human Trafficking Case and other Law Enforcement related topics. One of the members of the training delegation is a law enforcement representative. His role was to help elaborate on their role in Human Trafficking cases. The Law Enforcement representative had claimed to be a part of the “model task force” in Florida and has assisted in implementing several protocols. After the training had been concluded, the law enforcement representative saw that there was a lot about the topic of human trafficking that he and his task force were unaware of. His comment at the end of the training was “Here I came to train you and I am leaving here being trained by you all.”
Yes, at one point that task force was considered a model to emulate, but greed and power took over. Today, everything that had been accomplished by this task force is gone and is far from being considered a program to mirror. It is blasphemy to have people that will claim to be “experts” in any field and not have the aptitude to even put together services and programs to better assist the victims.
We must understand that this is all about the victims and no one else. We need to understand that this is not about fame, money, or power. We are all here to better serve the victims and ensure them safety, protection, and empowerment. This is all done so that in the near future, they can rebuild their lives.
I do not and will not disclose the name or location of said task force or group, but I know who they know who they are. I hope this Investigator’s statement to the people of Paraguay will make them realize their mistakes and help direct the task force down the right path. I believe he saw the truth and I hope and believe that will do the right thing and head their task force in the manner that is should be run.