To suspend or not to suspend?

I recently read an article in regards to a Shelby County high school student who was suspended for engaging in commercial sex acts in the boys bathroom at school. The freshman student would approach male students and offer sex in exchange for money. In some cases she did not accept any money. The article states that there were days in where she would engage in commercial sex acts with up to 10 males. Pretty alarming facts.

So how did the school respond? By suspending her. Is this the best solution to this situation. By reading the article, the media did a good job in portraying her as a hyper sexually active teen, with tones of shaming and blaming. But did anyone ever stop to think that this teen girl maybe a victim? Did anyone stop and think that maybe she is involved in this due to abuse? Did anyone think to assess her as a possible victim? Judging by the article, no, that thought did not come across anyone’s mind.

Before people blame and shame young women who may be engaging in a commercial sex act, stop and think before you speak. Without knowing all of the details of this young women’s life, people have casted judgement on her. No one has taken the time to understand what is going on.

So my question to you is should the school have suspended the girl?

Looking for a Volunteer Grant Writer

Job description
Are you the one who could help us with obtaining Grants? We’re looking for a passionate, energetic, and talented grant writing volunteer. Your role will involve seeking out and identifying appropriate grant opportunities, and seeing them through to fruition. Plus, you will get to join a fun, passionate team, working for an important cause–and build your own skills and network in the process. Remote volunteers are happily accepted.
Desired Skills and Experience
Our ideal volunteer would have: strong writing skills; attention to detail; a passion for content creation; a positive attitude and strong work ethic; experience with grant writing is a must.
About this company
Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking

The Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking, an International and Domestic Anti-Trafficking Agency, is a 501(c)(3) organization that has been helping victims of human trafficking since it’s creation in 2004.
The mission of FCAHT is to improve and provide outreach and services to victims of human trafficking throughout the State of Florida by developing support programs, networking, coalition building, training, service delivery, and referrals to victims in need.
The FCAHT spearheads a holistic, comprehensive model used to combat human trafficking. The model is comprised of five major components:
• Education and Awareness: Paramount to the fight to eradicate human trafficking is the need to bring the issue to the forefront of community consciousness. FCAHT conducts numerous outreach campaigns to equip community members with the knowledge to identify human trafficking victims and report their suspicions to the appropriate authorities.
• Victim Services: Upon identification of a human trafficking victim, FCAHT initiates a continuum of services for the victim. The continuum of care incorporates basic needs such as shelter, food and medical attention and spans to encompass victim advocacy, financial literacy, legal representation, and job preparation.
• Technical Assistance and Training: In an effort to create a cohesive response to identifying and responding to cases of human trafficking, FCAHT provides ongoing training to professionals serving within the following capacity: law enforcement, prosecutors, non-governmental organizations, healthcare workers, and faith-based organizations.