International Women’s Day!

International Women’s Day!

On March 8th, 2016, we will be celebrating International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is of utmost importance to the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking because it honors all women and raises awareness around the globe about women who are currently experiencing oppression, sexism, and violence. It begins to become more personal for our organization when it involves women who have been victims of human trafficking. International Women’s Day is about empowerment and creating change across the world to help combat the different issues that women may face on a day to day basis, and to encourage women to help other women in need. When these issues become intersected with human trafficking, it is important to recognize the different means of prevention and identification for these women.

To prevent women from entering into human trafficking, consider buying products from companies that are fair trade, or those that are partnered with the International Labor Organization, an organization that has been progressively working with international companies to ensure that employees are not being trafficked and are working in a healthy environment. The organization for International Women’s Day has an option to take a pledge on their website for the day. This pledge is a promise to oneself and to others, to take a step to achieving gender equality, and stopping sexism and violence against women. As women, it is important that we encourage other women and help them in any way possible. There are numerous different ways that we can help other women who have fallen victim to human trafficking, such as educating ourselves and our community, even the workplace. Hold a workplace presentation about raising awareness and how to identify potential victims. Volunteer at a local shelter or organization that deals with human trafficking, donate your time and resources to other women in need, such as giving away shampoo, feminine hygiene products, underwear, hair accessories, even makeup and nail products can make a woman feel so special in a traumatic situation. International Women’s Day is about honoring all women, but it is important to remember that there are women all over the world that need help and support from us. On March 8th, consider making a pledge to yourself to help end the fight that women face daily across the world, and become an ally for women in need.

Allison Davis

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