Thank you!

I was recently in Dublin, Ireland and went into a huge department store and decided I needed a coffee break.  How happy I was to see they were using Fair Trade coffee and that they made a point of having that on their signs so customers knew.  I was so impressed that I saved my receipt and sent them a thank you e-mail:

“I just wanted to say thank you for your caring about people with the use of “Fair Trade” items in your cafeteria.  I am a volunteer in Florida with the Coalition Against Human Trafficking and it is so important to use and sell Fair Trade items.  I felt so good drinking your coffee and I noticed other items that were Fair Trade.

Your store is wonderful and that was the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Again, thanks for caring.  Probably nice for you to hear this is noticed.”

So while it is usually easy to find fault and send complaints, it is a good idea to drop companies a quick email or note to let them know that we do see what they are doing and thank them.

Just a thought……

P.S.  I got a great e-mail back from the store and they were thrilled to receive a thank you for their efforts.