International Day of the Girl Event!

The International Day of the Girl Luncheon was held on October 8th and it was a time to celebrate the importance of girls in the world.  A day to remember girls with the FCAHT and United for Human Rights groups banded together to raise awareness and funds with the proceeds going to FCAHT.  It was wonderful to share this International Day of the Girl and many of us had never even heard of this day.  Lovely setting and a big thanks to the Fort Harrison Hotel who went out of their way to make this a special day.

We were serenaded by a very talented singer, Jades Goudreault, who made our luncheon extra special.  A raffle was held for a 5-day trip to Cancun.  Announcements were given about some upcoming events to support FCAHT, and I’m excited to be able to participate in the run (there will be a 1 mile walk too which is what my friends and I will do).  There is an upcoming fashion show too, so check on the website to find out about these events.

A first time award, the Extra Mile Award, was presented to Sally, an amazing young woman.  Sally, who is in high school, singlehandedly has made a huge impact with her work to raise funds to fight cancer.  She was an inspiration to everyone in the room.

My take away from the day was if you care you can do something.  It might not be anything big or earthshattering, but do something.  A donation small or large, giving of your time or talent.  Attend a fundraiser.   A way to light up the world is to share what you know about Human Trafficking.  Use your social networks, Facebook, and talk to people about this trafficking.  Change your Facebook picture to one about Human Trafficking for a day or two.

Bring your friends to events and introduce them to this problem.  I brought my friend to the luncheon and she got very enthused and now wants to join in and help out too.  Last night I was visiting with someone and mentioned coffee and Fair Trade and she asked me to send her information about our FCAHT.  You just never know how you might be able to interest people to do something or at least bring about awareness.

Like little drops of water, one by one, filling up the bucket.  You might not ever know what impact you had, but no matter how small your effort, YOU can make a difference.


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