My final thoughts on training delegation in Paraguay.

Finally back home and spending time with my family after being away for 10 days in Paraguay and Brazil.
Here we are going to another country, to teach their law enforcement, their prosecutors, and their judges about Human Trafficking investigations and coalition building. In the end, we had witnessed the people of Paraguay’s Human Trafficking initiative, collaboration, and unity in relations to combatting Human Trafficking.
One of the training components that was covered during this trip was How to Investigate a Human Trafficking Case and other Law Enforcement related topics. One of the members of the training delegation is a law enforcement representative. His role was to help elaborate on their role in Human Trafficking cases. The Law Enforcement representative had claimed to be a part of the “model task force” in Florida and has assisted in implementing several protocols. After the training had been concluded, the law enforcement representative saw that there was a lot about the topic of human trafficking that he and his task force were unaware of. His comment at the end of the training was “Here I came to train you and I am leaving here being trained by you all.”
Yes, at one point that task force was considered a model to emulate, but greed and power took over. Today, everything that had been accomplished by this task force is gone and is far from being considered a program to mirror. It is blasphemy to have people that will claim to be “experts” in any field and not have the aptitude to even put together services and programs to better assist the victims.
We must understand that this is all about the victims and no one else. We need to understand that this is not about fame, money, or power. We are all here to better serve the victims and ensure them safety, protection, and empowerment. This is all done so that in the near future, they can rebuild their lives.
I do not and will not disclose the name or location of said task force or group, but I know who they know who they are. I hope this Investigator’s statement to the people of Paraguay will make them realize their mistakes and help direct the task force down the right path. I believe he saw the truth and I hope and believe that will do the right thing and head their task force in the manner that is should be run.

Strike Slavery! Spare Freedom!

Strike Slavery! Spare Freedom!

Bowl to raise funds for the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking

The event only costs you 10 dollars and this includes the bowling for 2 hours and the shoes needed, just don’t forget your socks. We will also raffle off Tampa Bay Rays Gear at the fundraiser. So come and have fun and bowl with your friends or family for a good cause.

Strike Slavery! Spare Freedom!
Saturday, May 3rd, 3-5pm
5311 E Busch Blvd
Temple Terrace, FL

The Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking (FCAHT) spearheads a holistic approach to combat Human Trafficking:

•Education and Awareness: Paramount to the fight to eradicate Human Trafficking is the need to bring the issue to the forefront of community consciousness. FCAHT conducts numerous outreach campaigns to equip community members with the knowledge to identify Human Trafficking victims and report their suspicions to the appropriate authorities.
•Victim Services: Upon identification of a Human Trafficking victim, FCAHT initiates a continuum of services for the victim. The continuum of care incorporates basic needs such as shelter, food and medical attention and spans to encompass victim advocacy, financial literacy, and job preparation.
•Policy Development: FCAHT is continually involved with lawmakers in an effort to bolster existing laws and further empower Human Trafficking victims.
•Technical Assistance and Training: In an effort to create a cohesive response to identifying and responding to cases of Human Trafficking, FCAHT provides ongoing training to professionals serving within the following capacity: law enforcement, prosecutors, non-governmental organizations, healthcare workers, and faith-based organizations.
•Research Partnerships: FCAHT participates in research projects striving to develop promising practices in the delivery of services to victims of Human Trafficking.

In addition to working within the State of Florida, FCAHT is also extending the use of this comprehensive model to solidify partnerships with Argentina, Guatemala and Puerto Rico.

More on Day 3

So the training delegation has just arrived to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay share borders which is why it is known as the Triple Frontier.

Anything is possible here. People from Brazil, Argentina and even Paraguay come here to buy counterfeit merchandise, drugs, weapons, clothing, adults and children for sexual exploitation as well as labor exploitation.

Tonight I saw children as young as newborn living by the side of the market in torn tents with no water, electricity nor food. Some young kids inhaling paint or glue… and young mothers jut sitting by the sidewalks with their babies waiting for someone to come and rent their kids. How can this be happening. How can people collect money and say they do international work to help children overseas and here I am seeing this scenario first hand. How can we turn our backs away from this and not do anything about it. How can we not stand for the right and protections of these children. I have been working in human trafficking for 15 years and still today I say to you that it is not easy for me to go to other countries and witness exploitation and so many problems against human rights ignoring the protection of children that deserve a chance to live without exploitation and hunger. Here our government keeps giving money away to projects with no accountability and we see more corruption and suffering towards the future of the world.

Tonight I witnessed the dark and ugly side of child exploitation and neglect. My heart is in tears and trying to figure out what can be done to give this children a second chance to a better life…… please God help me and give me strength to continue this fight and guide me to make a difference so one day not one more child suffer from the dark side of life.

Traning in Paraguay- Day 3

Hello all,

So much to catch up on. I wanted to share some pictures from yesterday’s training.


Here is FDLE Special Agent Jose Ramirez training on Human Trafficking Investigations.


Katia Dantas from ICMEC conducting a presentation regarding missing kids and human trafficking.

Today we are traveling to Ciudad del Este better known as the Triple Frontier. I will be near the border with Brazil and Argentina. It is a very active location for human trafficking, drug trafficking, arms trafficking and any other criminal industry. definitely not the safest place to visit. The trip takes 6 hours from Asuncion. On top of that today has been a rainy day.

We are traveling with law enforcement , prosecutors and the head of the Status for Women office.

More to come! Check in with me soon!

Training in Paraguay Day 2

Greetings again from Paraguay! Today we started our second day of trainings on the issue of human trafficking. The topics that will be discussed today are the Declaration of Human Rights, Victim Services, Sex Tourism, Child Pornography and Border Security.
The room is packed today with law enforcement, Immigration officials, prosecutors and Judges! One thing that I learned today is the fact that Paraguay has a different of investigating cases. In the United States, Law enforcement officials are in charge of investigating crimes. In Paraguay, the investigations are not conducted by law enforcement but by the Prosecutors office. Very interesting.
Another difference between the United States and Paraguay can be found within the law that covers the issue of human trafficking. In Paraguay the Human trafficking law includes organ trafficking, illegal adoptions and servile marriage. The United States excludes all of the above.  Now in regards to  prostitution, it is legal in Paraguay. One of the things that I noticed this morning is that the
newspaper has a section called  “We are Girls” in where a person can pay $1.00 for an ad under “chicas modelos”.  The name of the  local newspaper is Diario Popular. Sadly this section includes photos of the women in sexy attire. 
Here is a picture of the training today. The speaker is a Human Rights attorney from Costa Rica. He is currently discussing The Declaration of Human Rights and how it connects to the issue of Human Trafficking.


Join the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking as we celebrate Giving Tuesday on December 3rd. Giving Tuesday is a movement to create a national holiday of giving that kicks off the giving season. Giving Tuesday happens each year on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It celebrates and encourages charitable activities that support non-profit organizations.

Your financial support on Giving Tuesday will help us ensure that more men, women and children will be identified, rescued and restored. Help us continue to take a stand against modern day slavery. The mission of Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking is to improve and provide outreach and services to victims of human trafficking throughout the State of Florida by developing support programs, networking, coalition building, training, service delivery, and referrals to victims in need.

It takes the financial support of people like you to make this happen! Remember the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking this year on Giving Tuesday by making a secure donation on our website.

More Than A Women’s Issue

Lately I’ve been doing an insanely large amount of research on human trafficking for a project. Every so often I come across articles that say human trafficking is a feminist’s issue. While I am all for equality between men and women, I disagree that human trafficking should be considered a feminist’s issue. I do agree that trafficking is a feminist issue the sense that feminists are human, because human trafficking is a human’s issue. There are an incredible amount women involved in trafficking drawing a lot of attention from women’s rights groups as rightly it should be. But there are more than women in trafficking and it is certainly not simply a woman’s issue. I find it harmful to the cause to classify trafficking as a women’s issue because that takes men out of the discussion and out of the fight to stop it. I have never been so inspired than when I hear incredible, strong women taking a stand and refusing to tolerate trafficking any longer, and I find it equally impressive to hear a man do the same. You see, the reason trafficking is still in existence is because there are people who visit brothels, who want underage boys or girls to have sex with, who are willing to pay for sex and these people are overwhelmingly male. This is not to say that women don’t play a huge role as well. Women are often the madams or brothel owners, supplying the rooms and the trafficking victims. Despite the enormous number of men that pay for sex, I don’t believe men are inherently bad. Most men are good, stand up guys. It is these stand up guys that need to join the conversation surrounding trafficking. Women can try to educate men but it would be even more powerful for men to teach other men about the damage trafficking caused, to teach compassion and kindness, to teach them that not all those who work in the brothels or on the streets are there by choice, and even those who are deserve more than being used for sex, to teach that trafficking victims and prostitutes in general almost undoubtedly   face physical and emotional abuse on a daily basis. It might be easy to ignore the problem when a girl comes out of her room in the brothel all smiles and flirting. It’s easy to ignore the fact that she could be held there against her will. Human trafficking isn’t called women trafficking for a reason. It involves all humans, young, old, male and female.


By: Danae Zimmer

The Missing

Everybody week FCAHT posts photos of missing kids on Facebook. Most of these kids will never be found. Some go missing against their will, meeting unthinkable ends, some simply run away of their own accord. Of the runaways, drugs and other illicit activities often become a way of life. Unfortunately, in a situation like that, prostitution becomes a means to support themselves. Prostitution at any age is illegal, but when it’s a child selling themselves, that’s unimaginable. Not all child prostitutes are trafficking victims, but they’re incredibly easy targets for pimps and traffickers. When people see posters for runways, they don’t always pay much attention. The word runaway implies that a child is belligerent, misbehaving, and a trouble maker. Sometimes this is the case, but many times, they leave for a reason much deeper than rebellion. It’s important to remember that any child who runs away is vulnerable. Home might not be a safe option for them, but the streets are no place for them either. It breaks my heart seeing the vast amount of flyers for missing people, often children, hung at rest stops, Wal-Marts and various other places. Missing kids don’t need to be trafficked to deserve attention and that’s just what FCAHT is trying to bring to light. Next time you see a poster reading “missing” or “endangered runaway”, take a minute to read the poster. Chances are someone has seen the person featured on the poster, it could be you. If you do recognize someone from a missing poster, call 911 or contact The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children. Their contract information can be found at

By: Danae Zimmer

The Twelfth Day of Freedom

12th Day of Freedom: Donate $5 to an anti Human trafficking organization of your choice. Encourage your friends to also donate to your favorite organization as well!

Of all the ways to help fight trafficking, this might just be the most simple. All it takes is a few minutes to donate a small amount of money that can make a big difference to an organization, like the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking. Non-profits are very aware that most people can’t afford to donate large sums of money and they don’t expect people to. However, many people are able to part with a mere $5. Perhaps even that’s too much, but $1 or $2 is more manageable. What’s important, besides the funds, is that you’re actively thinking about human trafficking and trying to stop it. Yes, the money is absolutely vital for organizations to continue to help survivors of trafficking, but just as important is the fact that you are joining that fight and actually making a difference in the lives of those who have escaped from trafficking and the lives of those still stuck in its clutches that these groups are trying to help. Your $5 could be the difference between a meal and going hungry or a warm blanket or falling asleep cold.Don’t let anyone discourage you from donating or getting involved because they tell you one person can’t make a difference. You absolutely matter! If everyone thought that way, there would be no FCAHT or other organizations like them. Government funds only go so far, so it’s up to the rest of us to help them help the men, women and children who have survived or who are still stuck. Here is the link to donate:

 By: Danae Zimmer