Exclusive: Bieyanka Moore is 15-year-old Runaway Charrida Smalley – Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victim

***This information is being reported by Mediatakeout.com***

Reports had surfaced on MediaTakeOut.com that new porn starlet Bieyanka Moore was actually 15-year-old runaway Charrida Smalley. The story is that someone had recognized Bieyanka as Charrida after seeing Charrida’s poster on a missing children’s website.

RevereRadio.net called the Nevada Child Seekers missing children center to report that one of their missing teens had called into their internet radio show last week.

Robb Revere of RevereRadio.net had contacted Bieyanka and had asked her to come on his show to clear up the rumors and to finally set the record straight about how old she really is. She agreed and called into his show claiming she was 19 and how Nevada Child Seekers had made a mistake. She said the website mixed up her information with Charrida Smalley’s. Bieyanka tells Robb she also goes by the alias Tyler Chanel Evans.

Robb has up this interview on his Youtube page where an associate first starts off by calling Nevada Child Seekers. One of the people he interviewed is Bob Abrams. Bob says Charrida is there in the Las Vegas area and is fact underage and a runaway. He says they’re looking for the people who exploited her and someone will be going to jail.

Bieyanka comes into the interview towards the end but the interview is cut short after a couple of minutes. Robb says the interview was being recorded to an external hard drive that was at capacity, it became full, and had crashed. So he lost the rest of her interview.

Robb now has up this new interview and he says he can now confirm that 15-year-old Charrida Smalley is indeed Bieyanka Moore. Robb first interviews Cynthia who had first left Rob a voice mail. She says she just got word that Charrida had come home yesterday. The family now just wants the porn video Charrida had done to be taken down and to stop distributing the video. She wants to verify that Charrida is indeed 15-years-old.

Robb then interviews the real Tyler Chanel Evans. She says she’s the real 19-year-old that Bieyanka Moore is claiming to be. Tyler is a resident of Las Vegas where she works as a stripper & club promoter. She says Bieyanka had stolen an invalid ID of hers. Tyler says the ID was an INVALID ID. She says it’s an invalid ID that Bieyanka had stolen after she had changed her address. She says she wouldn’t be able to use her old ID and doesn’t understand how Bieyanka was allowed to.

All the information Bieyanka had given as her own is the personal information belonging to Tyler. Tyler even says Bieyanka looks nothing like her and how Bieyanka is taller than her and has larger breasts.

Tyler had first met Bieyanka after finding her homeless on the streets in Las Vegas. Tyler didn’t know she was 15 and a runaway at the time.

You can listen to that second video of Robb’s also on his Youtube page.

I first emailed Nevada Child Seekers on Monday, September 13. I first talked to Michelle Sahagun who then put me in contact with case manager Bob Abrams. I explained to them how new porn starlet Bieyanka Moore was being accused of being 15-year-old runaway Charrida Moore. She was also accusing the agency of putting her picture & information on a missing child poster. Of course a missing child center didn’t accidentally put a porn star’s information on a missing child poster belonging to a 15-year-old runaway. But that was Bieyanka’s claim. Bob tells me they didn’t make a mistake and the information & picture was given to them by Charrida Smalley’s family.

So to wrap up this entire mess, Charrida Smalley is a 15-year-old Florida runaway. She made her way to Nevada where she ended up homeless and on the streets. She then meets 19-year-old Tyler Chanel Evans eventually stealing her invalid ID. Charrida then transforms into Bieyanka Moore where she found her way onto a Reality Kings set.

Who brought Charrida Smalley into the porn industry? What went wrong at Reality Kings that resulted in a 15-year-old shooting a porn video? How many others have fallen through the cracks at Reality Kings, or any other porn company?

How many others were also brought in by the people who brought in Charrida? You can’t claim that this 15-year-old masterminded all of this without outside help. From Traci Lords to Brent Corrigan, they were all brought in by someone who knew how old they were.

I’m expecting more information in the coming days from hopefully four more sources. Two of those I was expecting the information already but it hasn’t happened yet. So I don’t know how many more updates on this case I’ll be doing or if this is the last of it. Maybe now I can finally get some sleep this week. But at least she’s home now away from this industry because you all know it wasn’t going to end well for her. Hopefully she never tries to come back here again either.

Thank you to Michelle Sahagun, Bob Abrams, and Stephanie Parker at Nevada Child Seekers for all your help. Thank you to Robb Revere at RevereRadio.net for all your help. And thank you to everyone else who helped that I can’t mention. Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Bieyanka Moore is 15-year-old Runaway Charrida Smalley – Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Victim

  1. I dont see what this has to do with human trafficking. I am actually shocked that you are using this. This is all a tragic story – for the girl, her mother, and yes also for the producers – but if someone is faking an ID and trying to work with it I dont see how you are able to make the producers responsible. Maybe the US needs a better ID system (driver licenses dont count as ID in other country. You have to have a national ID as well)

    Your comments that ‘someone’ has brought her in is actually totally out of reality. Girls (and boys) who want to do adult modelling can apply at agencys or at the producers directly. It is all pretty mainstream and legal you dont have to go to a dark ally to meet someone to introduce you to the porn business. And thats the case in all Western societys. You could argue that there’s soemthing wrong with legalizing porn but thats a whole differnt dicussion.


    • The reason why this is being spoken about by an Anti Trafficking organization is due to the fact that under the Federal Law (Trafficking Victims Protection Act) states that any person under the age of 18 who is engaging in a commercial sex act is considered a victim of sex trafficking. Consent is irrelevant.

      This report states that Beiyanka Moore may be a 15 year old girl. If in fact that is true than she is considered a victim of sex trafficking. Even if she called the producers herself and set the shoot herself, if she is 15, than she is to be viewed as a victim.

      Whether you agree or not, that is what the Federal law and many state laws state.


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