Why do we continue to glamourize the Pimp lifestyle?

I was disheartened to see this post by TMZ.com. In this post, it talks about how some of the football players for the Baltimore Ravens recently held a charity event in where some of the football players came dressed up in Halloween costumes. So far so good. As you proceed to the rest of the story you will see that Baltimore Ravens player Sergio Kindle decided to dress up like a pimp. TMZ.com apparently thinks this was a great idea.

It is sad to see that many people in a position in where people tend to look up to glamorize the lifestyle of a pimp. Several months ago, it was Kim Kardashian tweeting about “Big Pimpin” during a girls night out. Now we see a football player dressing up like a pimp. And to top it off, this was for a charity event.

Our society has become complacent with the idea of pimps and pimping. We tend to look at pimps as ” protectors” and tend to blame the woman and criminalize her for something that she may not have chosen to be a part of. I am not aware of this Sergio Kindle guy but my hope is that if there are young children who idolize him, that they do not see this picture. We do not need our children continuing to think that “pimping” or “pimps” are ok. Too many children see nothing wrong with this sort of lifestyle. What is so frustrating is seeing young children pimp out their own friends. This has  to stop. So please take the time to educate our youth on what pimps really do. Let them know how manipulative and abusive a pimp can be. We need to stop applauding what pimps do and start letting them know that we have had enough of their abuse and antics!

So shame on you Sergio Kindle. Before you go and dress up like a pimp, understand what is that they truly stand for. Understand that young boys do look up to you and dream of being a star football player like yourself. Set an example but not letting our kids think that pimps are cool.

And to TMZ.com, please educate yourselves as well before you continue making light of a situation that has become detrimental to our youth!

We need to take a stand against people in a position in where they can influence our youth. Let’s reach out to them and educate them on the issue of sex trafficking.

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