Happy 11th Anniversary FCAHT!

It’s been 11 years since the Florida Coalition Against Human Trafficking opened it’s doors. FCAHT was organized in an effort to identify, rescue and restore victims of human trafficking found within the State of Florida. It’s been an amazing and eye-opening 11 years! My team and I have been able to assist in the empowerment of over 600 lives. Our team has been able to assist victims of all forms of human trafficking as well as various ages, walks of life and gender. We have also had the privilege of not only working with Domestic survivors but International survivors as well. Many of these cases have made an impact in my life as well as my team members lives. Imagine not only assisting a 14-year-old survivor of labor trafficking but also assisting her 9 month old son as well. To see both mother and son, who is now 7 years of age, succeed and thrive was simply inspiring to say the least.

The work and dedication of the FCAHT team speaks for itself. Some of our team members and myself have been blessed to also be part of amazing training delegations that have traveled to over 30 countries and provide training to law
Enforcement, Customs officials, Prosecutors, Non Governmental Organizations, Government officials, Ambassadors and UN Peace Mission Military Officers before they were deployed.

It’s been 11 years of sacrifices but our passion and dedication has made a difference for so many throughout Florida, the U.S. and the Americas.

As a result of our training’s, community events, awareness and education, we have witnessed other Anti Human Trafficking non profits open within the last couple of years. We have also been able to witness the seeds that we planted throughout the state start to blossom as more and more community members are aware of the issue of human trafficking.

The FCAHT Team and myself would like to thank each and every one of you for your continuous support. Our team hopes and prays that more survivors of domestic servitude, labor trafficking and sex trafficking are identified, rescued and restored.

I personally would like to take the time to personally thank all of our volunteers and interns for dedicating your time and energy to such a worthy cause. It has truly been a pleasure working with each and every one of you. You all do such amazing work! Thank You!!

I also would like to personally thank the members of the FCAHT team as well. You all share the same passion as I have to make a dent in the fight against human trafficking and making a difference within the Human Rights field! It is wonderful to be surrounded by such strong, loving women who really do make a difference within the community, the state, and the Nation. I look forward to so many more years of working side by side with you.

Happy 11th Anniversary FCAHT!


Anna Rodriguez
2011 Florida Women’s Hall of Fame Inductee
Makers Award Recipient


3 thoughts on “Happy 11th Anniversary FCAHT!

  1. Congratulations! Your work is amazing and I am truly honored you have allowed me to volunteer for a few years now. Even with dropping the ball on my part, you have given me the great opportunity to continue to do work for you. I am very lucky to be part of FCAHT and only wish it was more permanent. However, I will be a life time volunteer of your very well respected organization that exceeds the accomplishments of all others. Thank you so much for allowing me to be part of your team and congratulations once again!

    Less sacrifices in the future on FCAHTs part and greater rewards to come within the next couple of years, I am certain of!

    Thank you,
    Liz Wagner


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